Playing in windy conditions


Playing in windy conditions

I was out playing yesterday in strong winds. I used to dislike playing in really windy conditions but as my golf has improved I have really come to like it. You really need to control the ball flight when playing in wind. Hit it a bit thin or a bit high and you will be punished directly whereas on a calm day it may not make that big of a difference. I manage to get a decent result despite the wind. The disappointment was the first nine and I was five over at the turn. Luckily my ball striking improved on the last nine and I managed to play them one over par for a total 78.

The End of the Belly Putter?


The End of the Belly Putter?

After months of speculation USGA and R&A finally decided to ban the belly putter starting 2016. PGA had a few weeks earlier opposed a ban. Question now is if PGA will make up their own rules or if they will follow USGA and R&A. It would be rather silly to see players use belly putters on the PGA tour and then change to a shorter version in order to play US Open and The (British) Open. I think it is good that the belly putter gets banned and hope that the PGA will follow in USGA and R&As footsteps.